Issei Sagawa 佐川一政 – Part 1

Alright… Issei Sagawa. This guy makes me crazy angry, and completely sick to my stomach.

sagawaHe was never reprimanded for the horrible crimes he committed, instead was asked to write books and act in strange movies and pornography. This is a link to the interview i watched.

This interview is extremely graphic, and I suggest you give it some thought before watching. There are actual photos of Renee Hartevelt after Sagawa dismembered her.

More than he, and the crimes themselves, I am angered that nothing was ever done about him. As far as I know, the last time he ever fulfilled his cannibalistic urge was when he harteveltremainsmurdered, raped, then butchered Renee Hartevelt. However, the fact that France simply let him go because their people didn’t want to pay for his imprisonment, is one of the most angering elements to this story. After being deported back to Japan, he was given a psych evaluation, and released. No jail time, no hospitalization, nothing. He was let free to roam the streets even after committing this horrendous crime. In an  interview, he said himself that it would have been easier if they just gave him the death sentence. I don’t know why he wouldn’t just kill himself.

I have read that he is slowly being alienated, which honestly makes me happy. I understand the curiosity of killers and the like, but to make him a free man and a celebrity is just sickening.

morefuninhellsagawaIn an interview, he speaks so nonchalantly about “his incident” as he likes to call it. He even said he is completely incapable of feeling any sort of remorse for his actions. It is said that Japan didn’t think he had a mental disorder, but a personality disorder, and released him.

This case really makes me think. I have no sympathy for the people who commit these crimes, and I don’t think anyone is capable of creating these monsters. I do, however, believe that there are times when people perpetuate a situation, or make it worse. By letting people like him free without punishment, it minimizes the severity of the crime.

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Alright! Here is the last entry on Elizabeth Bathory. This time, as I said in my previous entry, I will go over some of her methods of torture, and finally, her death. Since she tortured and murdered as many as 650 people, I’m not going to go into too many particular instances, I will mainly go over the methods she used and what not. Enjoy!

Elizabeth practiced her new pastime in her husbands absence. I don’t believe she was trying to hide it, since it is believed that Ferenc himself introduced her to this gruesome hobby. She did it either as some sick sort of experimentation, or because she was bored. I believe the latter. Either way, it was something she enjoyed immensely and showed no signs of remorse.

Bathory would torture her servants by beating them with a barbed lash, dragging them into the snow, naked, and throwing cold water on them until they froze to death. She would stick pins and needles underneath the nails of her victims, or simply rip them off with whatever tools she could get her hands on. Bathory’s maids weren’t the only victims of her torturous ways. She would abduct women to torture, beat and kill. She would sew peasant girls inside of horses, pour honey all over her victims and leave them in the woods for animals to prey upon, and it is said that she was into mechanical death traps. Often times, Bathory would bite chunks of her victims skin, and on a particular occasion, she forced one of her victims to cook and eat her own flesh.

Not all of her beatings were meticulous. Sometimes she would nonsensically swing a meat cleaver, or any deadly weapon she could find at anything that moved. There were,
however, instances where her methods of torture HAD to have been well thought out. Her husband would send her new ways to torture her victims, and she would write him back letting him know how well they worked.

On one occasion, Bathory and an accomplice beat one of the maidservants for stealing food. The beating was so brutal and bloody, that Bathory had to change her clothes. In the
end the girl was stabbed to death with scissors. This may be the instance where Bathory discovered her infamous blood bath. Anywhere the blood touched her skin appeared to be more beautiful and youthful looking in her eyes.

On August 21, 1614 at the age of 54, Elizabeth Bathory was found dead in her solitary cell at Čachtice Castle. She complained to her bodyguard that her hands were cold, and he replied “It’s nothing mistress. Just go lie down.” She was found dead the next morning, and buried in the church of Čachtice. The villagers were appalled at the thought of Elizabeth Bathory being buried in their loved ones cemetery, and her body was relocated to her family crypt in her hometown Ecsed. It is unknown where her body is actually located.

All records of Elizabeth Bathory were sealed away for more than a century, and her name was never to be spoken in any Hungarian society. she is still referred to as “The Hungarian Whore” in that area to this day.

Here are some links to where I obtained some of my information.


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Elizabeth Bathory: The Blood Countess


Here is a little backstory on Countess Elizabeth Bathory.

I  promised to continue my research, thoughts, etc. on Elizabeth Bathory, and I am here to deliver! ^_^. This is just a brief history of her childhood, her marriage to Count Ferenc Nadasdy, and the births of her children. In the next entry, I will actually go into the murders, and torture that Elizabeth inflicted upon her servants.


Countess Elizabeth Bathory (Erzsébe Báthory), also known as The Blood Countess was born into Hungarian nobility August 7, 1560 to father Baron George Bathory and mother Baroness Anna Bathory. She is considered to be one of the most prolific female serial killers with her victim count being as many as 650. Her parents were both Bathory’s by birth. inscest was a common practice in noble families in the 16th century in order to insure the purity of the family line.

The Countess was highly educated, especially for her time. Men, even of her nobility, were not even as educated as herself. She was fluent in Hungarian, Greek, and Latin. Even the men of this time were illiterate, and definitely less educated that the countess.

bathorycrestIt is believed that Elizabeth was insane from childhood. She would have seizures possibly caused by epilepsy, followed by fits of rage. This is probably due to inbreeding, as it was common among noble families at that time. She also bore witness to the brutality that her family would inflict upon their servants.

Elizabeth was described as a tomboy. She would often dress like a boy, and wanted to be treated as well as her male relatives. She would engage in activities more common in young boys such as games, and sports including fencing. In addition dressing and acting like a male, rumor has it that Elizabeth was bisexual.

fenerecAt the young age of 11, the countess was engaged to Count Ferenc Nadasdy, and they were married by 1575. Elizabeth kept her maiden name, and Ferenc became Ferenc Bathory-Nadasdy as his name didn’t hold the nobility that the Bathory name did. Though Nadasy was a skilled athlete and warrior, his mother said that “he was no scholar.” It is also said that he was as many as 15 years Bathory’s senior. Their age difference is inconclusive as I have found  differences in each biography and article I have read.


After their marriage, Elizabeth became the mistress of the Nadasdy estate. Both Elizabeth and Ferenc were were cruel masters. Elizabeth’s cruelty was partly learned from childhood, bearing witness to the cruelty toward servants inflicted by her family, but Ferenc encouraged it, and is said to have shown her some of the ways he himself would punish the servants. It is uncertain as to whether or not Ferenc knew just how perverse and brutal Elizabeth actually was, but seeing as he was away so often, he probably had no idea.
Elizabeth was said to be a good wife in the presence of her husband, but Ferenc being a warrior by nature, was constantly away, Elizabeth had many lovers. Being open about her bisexuality, she didn’t limit herself to male lovers, and took female lovers as well.

The Countess, it seems, had birthed many children, and not all were from Count Ferenc Nadasdy. In 1574, Elizabeth was impregnated by a peasant whom she had taken as a lover. She laid low until giving birth to the child, then the child was given to an adoptive family of peasants. Elizabeth had three living children, her daughters Anna, Orsolya (Orsika), and Katalin (kata). The three girls were born between the years 1585 and 1594. In 1596, Elizabeth gave birth to her son András who died in 1603 at the age of 7. In 1598, she gave birth to her son Pál.

Alright. So that’s it for now. As I said during the introduction, I will make sure to write another post on Bathory, this time talking about her torturous ways. Here are a few links to some really well written biographies that I got my information from. If you want more detail, definitely check them out!

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