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John Wayne Gacy Part 2 The Monster

This is going to be a post on the monstrosities John Wayne Gacy committed, and up until his death. These entries are usually the hardest for me to write about. This man had at least 33 victims all of which … Continue reading

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When you go, GO GREEN!!!!

I thought this was kind of interesting. Apparently, after you are cremated, they mix your ashes with fertilizer and seeds from a tree. They place the mixture in an urn that is completely biodegradable. When the urn is buried, the … Continue reading

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Edward Theodore Gein part 2 The Monster

 Hi everyone! This entry is going to go into the more widely known aspects of Ed Gein’s life. In my previous entry I gave a brief history of Ed Geins life before the death of his mother, which is believed … Continue reading

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