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Alright! Here is the last entry on Elizabeth Bathory. This time, as I said in my previous entry, I will go over some of her methods of torture, and finally, her death. Since she tortured and murdered as many as … Continue reading

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The Folklore Behind The Blood Countess, Elizabeth Bathory

It’s kind of amazing how many people The Blood Countess has inspired, authors, musicians, and film directors alike…. Then again, who wouldn’t be intrigued by a woman who killed 650 people?! I am going to do things a little differently … Continue reading

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Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer Part 3

Hey guys! I was REALLY sick in the month of December. I had several things happen, including a surgery, but I am COMPLETELY fine now! After an extremely long wait… here is the 3rd blog I promised on Jeffrey Lionel … Continue reading

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