Edward Theodore Gein part 2 The Monster

 Ed GeinHi everyone! This entry is going to go into the more widely known aspects of Ed Gein’s life. In my previous entry I gave a brief history of Ed Geins life before the death of his mother, which is believed to have been his breaking point. As I said in my previous post, if you have any questions, or you would like me to go into more detail about anything, I would be more than happy to do so. just message me your questions!

 After the death of Augusta, Gein was left alone.  He sealed off the upstairs portion of the farmhouse including his mother’s room. My guess is that it was a shrine he created for Augusta. He didn’t do anything with the farm land, but instead continued to do odd jobs around town for extra cash.

  Gein was obsessed with the female anatomy. He often wondered what it would be like to be a female, and apparently even considered transgender surgery. This obsession and cemeterycuriosity is probably another thing that drove him to perform such strange experiments on the corpses of the recently deceased. He would read obituaries to figure out where the fresh graves were. He would visit the graveyard during a full moon, dig up the body, and harvest the pieces he wanted for his experiments.

 Gein’s experiments would include the dissection of the corpse, and keeping some of the pieces for further “experimentation”. He was partial to some of the body parts including the head, sex organs, heats, and skin. Because of his particular interest in the female anatomy, and uncertain of his masculinity, Gein would take the parts that he had a particular interest in, mainly the female genetailia, and wear them around. Using skin, breasts, genitalia and even a face he made a custom suit, and danced around the farm. In the movie “Ed Gein” they show him dancing around in one of the suits. It’s so creepy to think that someone actually did this! They did a really good job of depicting what it would have looked like.

 In the beginning, Ed had a friend named Gus who helped him on his grave robbing endeavours. I don’t think he helped with the actual experimentation. I have tried to find more information on Gus, but have been unsuccessful so far. I will update you if I come across any new information.

 Anyway, eventually Gein’s raidings turned into murders when he decided he needed fresher corpses. 51 year old Mary Hogan was reported missing in 1954 when a customer came to the tavern she operated and noticed the gruesome scene where her murder had taken place. Ed even admitted that Mary was at his farmhouse to some locals, but was dismissed as being an odd ball. Ed Gein was even considered to be a suspect, but no charges were ever filed.

 bernice-wordenOn November 16, 1957, 58 year old Bernice Worden was shot by Ed gein in her store. According to a book I read called “Cannibals And Evil Cult Killers”, Gein shot Bernice “with a .22 rifle that he stole from a display rack within the store, and then he drove the body home in the store’s own truck. Ed also took the cash register containing $41, but not because he wanted the money, he later explained, but because he wanted to see how it worked.” After Frank, Bernice’s son, discovered the store empty, lights still on, register gone, and blood on the floor, he contacted authorities. After some investigation, they concluded that Ed Gein was a suspect, and decided to check his home.

 geinskitchenWhen they arrived on the farm they looked in the shed where they made their first discovery. Hanging from a meat hook upside down was Bernice’s gutted corpse. Her head was missing, and her legs were spread. She was cut from her vagina to her throat. Her head, genitals, and anus were missing. When they searched the main house, they found noses, bones, masks made of human skin, bowls made from skulls, furnishings upholstered with human skin, a box full of vulvas, a nipple studded belt, and other preserved items.

 Amongst the vulvas found, they found one painted silver. That one was his mothers. This, of course, is of particular interest given his obsession with his mother. They had also found the heads of Bernice and Mary in separate bags in the main house.

geinmugshot On January 16, 1958 Ed Gein was found to be insane and committed to a hospital. Ten years later, he was able to stand trial. He was found guilty, but was also believed to be criminally insane, so he was returned to the hospital he was committed to prior. While in the hospital, he was known to be polite, and kept to himself.

 Gein died in the Mendota Mental Health Institute on July 26, 1984 of respiratory and heart failure due to cancer.

 So… this is my first complete biography for this blog. I got a majority of my information from some documentaries that I found on youtube (I’m so sorry I can’t remember which ones. :( I will make sure to do a better job of keeping track next time), a book called “Cannibals And Evil Cult Killers”, the movie “Ed Gein” (if you haven’t seen it yet, I strongly suggest you check it out), wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ed_Gein, and countless other sources. As you probably already know, there are multiple movies based on his heinous crimes such as; “Psycho”, “Silence of the Lambs” and “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. Here is a site i found that has a top ten list for movies based on Ed Gein http://www.imdb.com/list/LTwOHToBtfc/.

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