Issei Sagawa 佐川一政 – Part 1

Alright… Issei Sagawa. This guy makes me crazy angry, and completely sick to my stomach.

sagawaHe was never reprimanded for the horrible crimes he committed, instead was asked to write books and act in strange movies and pornography. This is a link to the interview i watched.

This interview is extremely graphic, and I suggest you give it some thought before watching. There are actual photos of Renee Hartevelt after Sagawa dismembered her.

More than he, and the crimes themselves, I am angered that nothing was ever done about him. As far as I know, the last time he ever fulfilled his cannibalistic urge was when he harteveltremainsmurdered, raped, then butchered Renee Hartevelt. However, the fact that France simply let him go because their people didn’t want to pay for his imprisonment, is one of the most angering elements to this story. After being deported back to Japan, he was given a psych evaluation, and released. No jail time, no hospitalization, nothing. He was let free to roam the streets even after committing this horrendous crime. In an  interview, he said himself that it would have been easier if they just gave him the death sentence. I don’t know why he wouldn’t just kill himself.

I have read that he is slowly being alienated, which honestly makes me happy. I understand the curiosity of killers and the like, but to make him a free man and a celebrity is just sickening.

morefuninhellsagawaIn an interview, he speaks so nonchalantly about “his incident” as he likes to call it. He even said he is completely incapable of feeling any sort of remorse for his actions. It is said that Japan didn’t think he had a mental disorder, but a personality disorder, and released him.

This case really makes me think. I have no sympathy for the people who commit these crimes, and I don’t think anyone is capable of creating these monsters. I do, however, believe that there are times when people perpetuate a situation, or make it worse. By letting people like him free without punishment, it minimizes the severity of the crime.

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  • Al Fish

    Like it or not, Issei Sagawa is very much a modern day hero existing
    outside the all too often narrow confines of morality or judgement.
    Many people find him an inspiration for being able to successfully
    turn his life around after an unfortunate incident that occurred
    decades ago when he was a young man. Today, Issei Sagawa exemplifies
    both brutal honesty and tremendous courage. I think that he should be
    accepted and respected for the very singular individual he is and for
    what he represents.