Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer Part 3

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On July 22, 1991, Tracy Edwards accompanied 2 Milwaukee officers, Rolf Muller and Robert Rauth, to Jeffrey Dahmers flat.


When the trio arrived, Dahmer invited them in without hesitation. When Edwards accused Dahmer of placing the handcuffs on his wrists, Dahmer didn’t deny the accusation, nor did he explain the reasoning behind it. Edwards went on to explain how Dahmer threatened him with a large knife in the bedroom, to which Dahmer made no comment, but informed the officers that the key to his handcuffs were in the bedside drawer.

Upon entering the bedroom, officers Rauth and Muller did, in fact, find a large knife, and upon further investigation of the room, officer Muller made a horrifying discovery. In and open drawer located next to the bed, officer Muller discovered numerous pictures of Dahmer’s victims in various stages of dismemberment.

When officer Muller presented the photos to officer Rauth, Dahmer panicked and resisted arrest. The officers quickly restrained him and called for backup.

dahmeraptThe officers continued to search the apartment, and made another terrifying discovery. Inside of the refrigerator were the remains of a black male, including a severed head. A more detailed search was conducted, revealing a copious amount of human remains. Some of the things discovered were four severed heads, 7 skulls, blood drippings in the refrigerator along with two human hearts, two complete skeletons, two penises and the list goes on. They also discovered a 57 gallon drum with the remainder of three torsos dissolving in an an acid solution.

On July 23, 1991, after his arrest, Dahmer was interviewed and questioned about the crimes he committed. Dahmer had no attorney present, as he wished to confess to all 17 murders he admitted to committing. He admitted to engaging in necrophilia and cannibalism, and explained the way in which he disposed of some of the remains, and the preservation of others. Dahmer also explained that the reason for preserving the parts that he did was because he was in the process of constructing an altar, a place where he could “feel at home”, and “a place for meditation”.jeffreydahmermeditate

On January 13, 1992, Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer pleaded guilty, but insane, to 15 counts of murder, excluding the murder of Steven Tuomi, as he had no recollection of the murder, and there were no remains to prove that Dahmer had committed the crime without reasonable doubt. Dahmer was also spared the charge of the attempted murder on Tracy Edwards.

On January 30, 1992, Jeffrey Dahmer was tried for 15 counts of murder. Since he pled guilty to all 15 counts during his hearing on January 13, the trial served to determine his mental state.

resnickHis defense argued that Dahmer had a necrophilic drive, and was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, proving him insane. The prosecution argued that Dahmer suffered from necrophilia because he had a preference for live sexual partners. One psychiatrist for the prosecution, a Doctor Phillip Resnick, denied the defences claim to necrophilia, but did, however, agree with the diagnosis of borderline personality disorder. Doctor Fred Fosdel, another prosecution psychiatrist, felt Dahmer was without a mental disease, but agreed with the diagnosis of borderline personality disorder as well.

The last psychiatrist to testify on behalf of the prosecution was Doctor Park Dietz. Dietz believed Dahmer did not suffer from any mental disease, and that he was, in fact, completely competent and in control of his actions at the time of each murder. He stated “Dahmer went to great lengths to be alone with his victim and to have no witnesses.” “If he had a compulsion to kill, he would not have to drink alcohol. He had to drink alcohol to overcome his inhibition to do the crime, which he would rather not do.” Dietz’s final diagnosis was that Dahmer suffered from substance abuse disorder, paraphilia, and personality disorder with borderline and schizotypal features.diez

On February 15, Dahmer was ruled to be sane, and not suffering from any mental disorder at the time of each of the 15 murders he was tried for, and convicted of. Since the death penalty was abolished in the state of wisconsin in 1853, Dahmer was sentenced to life imprisonment plus 10 years for the first 2 counts of murder, and in addition, was to carry out a mandatory sentence of life imprisonment plus 70 years for the remaining 13.

royratcliffeDahmer was placed in solitary confinement after just one year of incarceration for fear that his fellow inmates may harm him. With dahmers consent, he was transferred to a unit in the Columbia Correctional Institution where he completed his lengthy confession in 1991. Dahmer had requested a chat with Detective Patrick Murphy, and asked to be given a copy of the Bible. Dahmer devoted himself to the christian religion, and became a born again Christian. He was baptized in 1994 by a Reverend Roy Ratcliff. The Reverend then visited him weekly up until November 1994. Dahmer had confessed to Reverend Ratcliff that he felt his continuing to live was a sin against God.

In 1994, a fellow inmate but the name of Osvoldo Durruthy attempted to kill Dahmer by slashing his throat with a razor embedded in a toothbrush. Dahmer suffered superficial wounds, but was not severely injured.

Jeffrey Dahmer's Parents at His TrialDahmer’s family kept in contact throughout his stay in prison including his biological mother, Joyce, though they had had no contact for the 2 years prior to his imprisonment. According to his father and stepmother, Dahmer had been ready to die. Whether it be by the hands of another inmate, the law, or god himself.

In November of 1994, during an unsupervised assigned work detail with fellow inmates Jesse Anderson, and christopher Scarver, Dahmer was beat about the head with a  51 cm metal bar, and thrown against the wall several times. Dahmer was rushed to the hospital, but was pronounced dead just an hour after his arrival due to severe head trauma. Scarver later admitted to killing Dahmer after killing Anderson the same way, saying Dahmer did not yell or make any noise as he was attacked.

Joyce FlintUpon hearing of her son’s death, Joyce Flint (Dahmer’s biological mother), responded to the media by asking, ¨Is everybody happy? Now that he’s bludgeoned to death, is that good enough for everyone?!¨ Although most were pleased, the district attorney prosecutor cautioned against turning Christopher Scarver into a hero, stating it was still a murder.

Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer’s will stated that he wished for no services and wished to be cremated. In September 1995, he was, in fact, cremated, and his ashes were divided amongst his parents.

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