John Wayne Gacy Part 1 History

This is another one of those entries that is going to be separated into 2 parts. I’m going to start with history, and then go into the aspects that John Wayne Gacy was more widely known for. I’m just gonna go ahead and start…

gacysparentsJohn Wayne Gacy was born in Chicago on March 17, 1942 to parents John and Marion. Gacy was named after his mothers favorite actor. He had 2 sisters, one younger, and one older. In a documentary I watched, his father was always putting him down for various things. When he was younger, he didn’t want to do the things his father wanted him to do. Instead of playing catch, and partaking in activities common amongst young boys, John Gacy was much more content staying at home with his sisters and mother sewing, cooking, cleaning, etc. This, of course, irked his father to no end, and he would physically and mentally torture Gacy relentlessly.

In grade school, Gacy’s doctor ordered him to refrain from playing sports, or doing anything too physical due to a heart condition. His grades also suffered because of his condition. This disappointed his father even more.

A childhood friend said that when Gacy stayed over, he pulled out a pair of his mother’s underwear. He told him that he wondered what it was like to be a woman and such. I can’t recall the exact wording his friend used, nor can I remember his name. This did, however, stick in my head as one of his cries for help. He didn’t really have anyone to turn to, and I think this may have been his way of “coming out of the closet”.


In a book I read simply titled “Serial Killers”, they wrote about an occasion gacy was taken on a fishing trip. “Gacy was taken on a fishing trip by his father, whom he worshipped. The father, John senior failed to catch any fish. Characteristically, he blamed this failure on his son lashing out at him verbally and physically. The father was an alcoholic with a fierce hatred of homosexuals; he would accuse his son of being gay, taunting him about his medical problems and accusing him of malingering.”

Rosalynn_Carter_with_John_Wayne_GacyAt the age of 18, Gacy was involved in politics. In a documentary I watched, Gacy was described as a thoughtful, intelligent, charismatic man. He had become a local celebrity. Gacy even got married to a woman by the name of Marlynn Meyers. In the same documentary I mentioned before, Gacy had a homosexual experience with a man while he was drunk during the birth of his child.

So… I think this answers a few questions about John Wayne Gacy’s younger years, and things that may have contributed to the monstrosity he became as an adult. I think it is pretty safe to say that he was a homosexual terrified of coming out to his family because of the negative backlash he would receive from his father. I don’t think this is any justification for what he would do in years to come, I simply think this played a key role in the monster we know of today.

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