John Wayne Gacy Part 2 The Monster

This is going to be a post on the monstrosities John Wayne Gacy committed, and up until his death. These entries are usually the hardest for me to write about. This man had at least 33 victims all of which were under 25 years of age. It truly hurts to think of how many lives he affected and ruined.

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After Gacy’s homoerrotic experience during the birth of his first child, it seemed that he hungered for more. Now that he had become a political icon within his community, there was no chance of him admitting to his homosexuality.

I often wonder if he were free to admit that he was a homosexual, that things would have been different. If he didn’t have to hide who he truly was, and was allowed to live as he wished. While I do not sympathise with this psycho, I do wonder if contributing parties had anything to do with the way things went.

gacyfirstoffensemugGacy’s first offense was on a 15 year old boy named Donald Voorhees. He gave the boy alcohol, and got him to perform oral sex. Half a year later, Voorhees told his father what had happened, and his father went to the police. Gacy was charged with oral sodomy, on both Voorhees and another boy by the name of Edward Lynch who was only 16.

Gacy denied the charges on both counts, and offered to take a polygraph test which he failed.

Gacy hired an 18 year old Russell Schroeder to intimidate Donald into not testifying at the trial. Russell carried out the plan, and was caught after Donald went to police. Gacy was ordered to go to a hospital where they determined that he had antisocial personality disorder, but was competent enough to stand trial.

Gacy was released with 1 year parole after serving only 18 months of his 10 year sentence. While incarcerated, Gacy’s father died. he was denied leave to attend the funeral.

carolehoffGacy was married twice. Once before he was incarcerated, and once after. It’s known that he beat both wives, and was described as “mysterious” by both women. During his second marriage to Carole Hoff, he admitted that he was bisexual. He would come home in the early mornings with the excuse that he was working late. She found gay pornography, and would even catch him in the act of inviting boys into the garage.

In 1972, Gacy had invited 15 year old Timothy McCoy over from the greyhound station and promised to bring him back the next morning. After their night together, Gacy said that he awoke to find McCoy in the doorway with a knife. There was an altercation, and Gacy’s forearm was cut. After Gacy pinned the boy, he stabbed him repeatedly, then buried him in the crawlspace of his home, and sealed the grave with concrete.

It turns out that the table was with a breakfast for 2, and when McCoy came in with the knife, it was because he had been cooking. Gacy thought he was trying to kill him, and killed McCoy instead. He later stated that he realized killing was the ultimate thrill. While he was completely drained and tired after killing the boy, he was able to achieve orgasm.

I found that bit of information to be incredibly interesting. It’s almost as if he already had the idea in his head that no one would ever willingly go along with his sexual demands. Although he achieved orgasm, and did get a thrill from killing the boy, I don’t think his initial intention.

After the unintentional murder of Timothy McCoy, Gacy’s next murder would be 2 years after. He killed an unidentified teen between the ages of 14-19. He hid the boy in the closet before burying him in the same crawlspace that McCoy was buried in.

After his second murder, he started killing more frequently. Here is an identified victims list that I obtained through wikipedia. They list the dates which gives you a better understanding of the frequency at which he killed.

  • Timothy McCoy (15) January 3, 1972

  • John Butkovitch (17) July 29, 1975

  • Darrell Sampson (18) April 6, 1976

  • Randall Reffett (15) May 14, 1976

  • Samuel Stapleton

                (14) May 14, 1976

  • Michael Bonnin (17) June 3, 1976

  • William Carroll (16) June 13, 1976

  • Rick Johnston (17) August 6, 1976

  • Kenneth Parker (16) October 24, 1976

  • William Bundy (19) October 26, 1976

  • Gregory Godzik (17) December 12, 1976

  • John Szyc (19) January 20, 1977

  • Jon Prestidge (20) March 15, 1977

  • Matthew Bowman (19) July 5, 1977

  • Robert Gilroy (18) September 15, 1977

  • John Mowery (19) September 25, 1977

  • Russell Nelson (21) October 17, 1977

  • Robert Winch (16) November 10, 1977

  • Tommy Boling (20) November 18, 1977

  • David Talsma (19) December 9, 1977

  • William Kindred (19) February 16, 1978

  • Timothy O’Rourke (20) June 16–23, 1978

  • Frank Landingin (19) November 4, 1978

  • James Mazzara (21) November 24, 1978

  • Robert Piest (15) December 11, 1978

Robert Piest was Gacy’s final victim. Rob Piest worked at a pharmacy in Des plaines, Illinois. He was approached by Gacy and asked if he would be interested in working for Gacy’s company. Rob needed the money, so he went with Gacy, and was never seen again. After his family reported his disappearance, they hounded their local police. Eventually a search warrant was served to Gacy, and upon searching his home, officials discovered the crawl space under his house. Robert Piest wasn’t found on the property because GAcy had run out of space, and started dumping bodies in the Des Plaines river, and that was were Rob’s body was discovered in 1979.

robpiestOn March 13, 1980, Gacy was convicted for 33 murders, and sentenced to death for 12 of them by lethal injection. The initial execution date was set for June 2, 1980, but was later changed to May 10, 1994. This is a link to his public record/information on the sentencing and and the victims he was charged for.

After the confirmation of his death by lethal injection on May 10, 1994 at 12:58am, his brain was removed for research pertaining to the brain function of serial killers. There were no abnormalities found.

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  • barry waterfield

    John Wayne Gacy was an evil man, it’s as simple as that, an evil spirit. However his father must carry a part of the blame for his excesses. He exposed Gacy to violence and hardened him to it making it possible for him to follow through without conscience.

    • morbidinterest

      I completely agree with you, Barry. As I stated before, I wonder if John were able to open up about not only his sexuality, but about himself in general, maybe things would have ended differently for he and his victims. John and Marion Gacy had four children, so I wonder why John Wayne Gacy turned out the way he did, and his siblings led seemingly normal lives. It’s possible that he displayed a weakness that his other siblings did not, “allowing” his father to abuse him. Although there is a lot of information out there, no one except the Gacy family (and maybe not even them), know the true story in it’s entirety.

      • barry waterfield

        Opening up may indeed have helped but there was something more than his sexuality at work in most of the killings. He almost invariably chose to overcome youths who were well built muscular lads, not weak prepubescent boys,people who should in the normal course of events, have been easily capable of resisting him, but who never the less, due to his clever trickery, were incapacitated making them easy targets.It’s as if there had to be this challenge to overcome, he had to prove to himself that he could win out against the strongest opposition, and of course we do have a sexual element attached to that I know, the power was a turn on. I also wonder if he may have had an almost snake like power to ‘hypnotise’ his victims because they seemed to give up. Even Robert Piest,who was only an inch or two shorter than Gacy, just broke into tears and crumpled. Here was a boy who was a gymnast, good at Ice Hockey, agile and swift of foot. As I see it,despite the handcuffs, he could have used his legs to kick out, swing round and really break the place up yet he did not. Why, in this life or death struggle was he so easily defeated? As I said at the beginning, I believe Gacy to have been an evil spirit, but somehow his capacity for evil was greatly enhanced by his upbringing and we have his wretched father to thank for that.

  • ladyscarface

    Lots of homosexual men have lead double-lives, or repressed their sexuality. They didn’t end up killing though. Lots of guys suffer the trauma of being dumped by their first love, but they don’t become Ted Bundy. So many factors come into play when it comes to the making of a serial killer, it’s impossible to pin one as the main explanation.

  • disqus_0ithdigXbx

    Robert Piest was a friend of the family. My grandparents rented out an apt to his brother and knew the family from that. Ironically, my father also sat next to his sister in High School. Just broke our family’s heart and still does to this day. May he be in peace wherever he is. I’m so sorry that happened to you Rob.

    • Tess

      Hello! I would love to hear from you please, as I work on a TV production for Sky Pick about John Wayne Gacy and I am looking for any further information and possible photos of Rob Piest. My email address is, please get in touch if you can.

      Kindest regards,