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Issei Sagawa 佐川一政 – Part 1

Alright… Issei Sagawa. This guy makes me crazy angry, and completely sick to my stomach. He was never reprimanded for the horrible crimes he committed, instead was asked to write books and act in strange movies and pornography. This is … Continue reading

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Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer Part 2

In 1979 Dahmer enlisted in the U.S. Army, and trained as a medical specialist in West Germany. After about a year he was discharged to to his persistent alcohol abuse and sent to Fort Jackson and given a plane ticket … Continue reading

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Edward Theodore Gein part 2 The Monster

 Hi everyone! This entry is going to go into the more widely known aspects of Ed Gein’s life. In my previous entry I gave a brief history of Ed Geins life before the death of his mother, which is believed … Continue reading

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