The Folklore Behind The Blood Countess, Elizabeth Bathory

It’s kind of amazing how many people The Blood Countess has inspired, authors, musicians, and film directors alike…. Then again, who wouldn’t be intrigued by a woman who killed 650 people?!

I am going to do things a little differently for this particular person of interest. Instead of posting a biography, I’m going to go into the folklore behind Countess Elizabeth Bathory. I find her to be particularly interesting because she was the main inspiration for many novels, video games, comics, manga and movies including her appearance as a relative to the infamous Dracula. For those of you that WOULD like a biography on The Blood Countess, NEVER FEAR!!!! I will be writing a biography on her in following posts. ^_^


bathoryportraitCountess Elizabeth Bathory (Erzsébe Báthory), also known as The Blood Countess was born into Hungarian nobility August 7, 1650 to father Baron George Bathory and mother Baroness Anna Bathory. She is considered to be one of the most prolific female serial killers with her victim count being as many as 650.

It is said that she would bathe in the blood of her victims to keep a beautiful, more youthful appearance. She discovered this one day while beating on a female servant. Anywhere the blood touched her own skin, it appeared to her, more youthful and beautiful. This “myth” in particular, may or may not be true. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it were true seeing as she was completely delusional.

bloodbathAt her trial she didn’t say whether she was guilty or not. My assumption is she found her actions to be completely justified, therefore not admitting guilt. I’m sure she did, however, understand that normal people did not act in this fashion, and would not completely disregard the charges brought against her.


vampirebathoryIn conjunction with the blood bath theory, some people also believed her to be a vampire. With all of the vampire myths that were flying around Europe in the 18th century, it makes perfect sense that one might speculate that she was, in fact, a vampire. Whether the bloodbath theory is myth or truth, she was completely enthralled by blood.

Alright… I’m sorry for such a short entry. Here is the imdb page that shows you some of the movies that are based on her This site has a few of the more popular books on Elizabeth Bathory This site has a few of the more popular books on Elizabeth Bathory. And of course, here is the wikipedia page

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