Today is HALLOWEEN!!!!

Today is Halloween!!!! This is by far one of my favorite holiday. Not only because I can be anyone I want for the day, but because I get oodles of candy! 😀

Aside from the obvious parts of Halloween that we all enjoy, there is, of course, some folklore and traditions that came about in some pretty random ways.

halloweenThere is a little bit of confusion about the origin of Halloween. Some sources say it is a derivative of a Pagan holiday, others say it is derived from a Christian one. I believe it’s a little of both, that’s usually how those kind of things go. Regardless of the origin, it’s kind of interesting how some of the traditions came about. The Jack-O-Lantern is one of my favorites.  ^_^

 In the book titled “Halloween, Hallowed Be Thy Name” written by Rev. DR. Eddie J. Smith, there is given a Christian perspective that dressing up as we do, was a way to make fun of Satan.

spiritsThere is one legend that says on All Hallows Eve, spirits were allowed to roam freely, so people would dress up and imitate them in hopes that the spirits would not bother them.

pentagram_1Another legend says that the Jack-O-Lantern came about when a man named Jack sold his soul to the devil. The devil came back to collect Jack’s soul, but Jack always found a way to buy a little extra time. The last time the devil came to collect his soul, Jack tricked him into going into a pumpkin where he was imprisoned. And after that, people would put Jack-O-Lanterns outside of their homes in hopes that the devil would remember the time he was trapped, and scare him away.

Trick or treating came about around 1910 when a woman in the mid west grew tired of children vandalizing her property on Halloween. She got the idea from an English tradition called Soalin where children would sing carols door to door in exchange for treats. This same woman also enticed the kids to dress up and partake in a parade. Sure enough no vandalism took place, and the idea began to spread.

This entry is a little on the short side today, but I thought it was obligatory that I write at least SOMETHING today. Happy Halloween!!!!!!! ^_^

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